Temporary Bus Pass Information

Tuesday, January 2, 2018 - 10:10

High School:
When a parent needs their student to ride the bus home with another student, they must call the Transportation Department 24 hours in advance. Please call 651-425-5303. Transportation will review rider loads and confirm or deny a Bus Pass based on availability. All confirmed Bus Passes will be issued in a standard format and sent from Transportation to the School. The student should pick up the Bus Pass from the school office and present it to the Bus Driver.


-Bus Passes are not intended to be used for social reasons (i.e. play dates, birthday parties, etc.). They should be used for emergency situations only.

-All Bus Passes are temporary one day passes.

-All Bus Pass requests must be made 24 hours in advance (special consideration may be made for emergency situations).

-Students must also be issued a Bus Pass if they need to get on/off at an alternate stop on their already assigned route. Again, this should be for emergency situations only.

-Correspondence from parents/guardians (i.e. hand written notes, text message shown to Drivers, etc.) will NOT be accepted by Drivers as a valid Bus Pass.

Winter Weather

Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the winter weather.

We make every effort for routes to be on time throughout the year. With winter weather here, the possibility for delay increases greatly. Buses running more than 10 minutes late will be posted on the District Website on the main Transportation page, right side. If you have questions about your child’s route, please call 651-425-5303.

Special Education Bus Attendance

Please call 651-425-5303 if your student will be absent from Special Education transportation. Please press 1 on the main menu for Special Education Routing.