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Since the IB Programme started at Park in 2010,

  • 52 PHS students have earned the Full IB Diploma.

  • Over 486 PHS students have scored a 5 or higher on an IB exam, earning them many credits, and saving thousands of dollars at colleges and universities across the United States.

    • For example, a score of 5 on the HL English or HL History exam will earn 8 credits for each subject at the University of Minnesota.  At $493 per credit, those two exam scores equal a savings of $7,888!

  • Thousands of dollars have been raised for local and global charities through CAS projects.

  • 9 PHS students have received a perfect score on IB exams!

Park High School's International Baccalaureate Program

IB Courses Offered at Park High School

  • HL= Higher level.  These are 2-year courses

  • SL= Standard level.  Most of these are 1-year courses.


Individuals & Societies


World Languages



  • Music SL
  • Theatre SL
  • Visual Arts SL or HL
  • History of the Americas HL
  • Psychology SL
  • Economics SL
  • Theory of Knowledge


  • English Language & Literature HL
  • French SL or HL
  • German SL or HL
  • Spanish SL or HL
  • Biology SL or HL
  • Chemistry SL or HL
  • Physics SL
  • Math Studies SL
  • Math SL or HL

Information About International Baccalaureate

The IB Diploma Program (IB site)

College Recognition This IB site provides details to families and universities, answering many questions they have about recognition of the IB Diploma Programme.

IB or PSEO? (.pdf)

IB Student Resources

  • Current IB students: Course information is on Schoology.

  IB Diploma Information for Interested 10th graders:

PHS Grads - Click HERE to find out how to get credit for your IB scores

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