Parent Access Instructions to District 833 Enterprise Schoology


Before you begin, please make sure you have your student(s) Schoology access code. This can be found in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal under student credentials. If you have more than one student enrolled in District 833, you will want to have the code for each child before starting.

For parents who have never set up a Schoology Parent account, please follow the steps below for “New Account Set up.”


**For those who may already have an account, please follow the instructions below for “Existing Account Update.”.

NEW ACCOUNT SETUP- To create a new Schoology Parent account  associated with your student(s) follow these steps.

  1. Open the Schoology website from the following link


  2. Click on the Sign up (Top Right)


  3. Choose Parent
  1. Enter your child's Schoology Access Code (Found in Parent Portal)


  2. Enter your information, check the bottom box, and click register


    If you have additional students to add, simply click the down arrow next to your name (upper right) and select add students



EXISTING ACCOUNT UPDATE - For parents who have created a Schoology account with District 833 in the past, all Schoology basic schools have been replaced with The Schoology Enterprise District site and your account will need to be updated. You will need to delete your existing account by following these steps.  If you have previously created a schoology account with another school district that you no longer use, also follow these steps.


  1. Open the following link in a web browser and log into your Schoology Parent account


  2. Select “I Agree” to delete your Schoology basic account

  3. Follow the steps in “New Account Set up” above to create a District 833 account

    If you have a student in another school district, cannot access your old Schoology parent account, or do not wish to delete a Schoology basic account, follow the steps to open a new user account and use a different email address when prompted.  Schoology will NOT allow a parent account to be associated with more than one school district or a Schoology basic and enterprise account.


If you are have any questions while setting up a new account or updating an existing account, please contact for assistance.  We will do our best to respond to any questions within 24 hours.  Thank you!