Testing & Assessment

Park High Career and College Readiness Day

Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2018

Students in grades 10-11 will participate in college readiness testing at the beginning of the day. Student will report to their advisory class which will meet in a different room. This will be communicated to students the previous day, Tuesday, Oct. 23, in their regular advisory class. Room assignments will be posted the week of testing.

  • Freshmen: It is Park High School’s expectation that all 9th grade student will work on academics from home . Academic expectations, assignments and due dates will be communicated to your students prior to Oct. 24.

  • Sophomores: All 10th grade students will take an official PreACT. This test is designed to help prepare students for the ACT in their Junior year. The PreACT is an effective predictor of ACT achievement in Math, Reading, Science and English. Attendance is required for all 10th grade students. Some students may opt to take the PSAT.  

  • Juniors: All 11th grade students will take an ACT practice test. This gives each student the chance to practice taking the ACT in an environment that closely approximates the environment that they will be in for the ACT in the spring on April 24, 2019. Attendance is required for all 11th grade students. Feedback will be provided on the results of this ACT test by College Nannies and Tutors.

  • Seniors: It is Park High School’s expectation that all 12th grade students devote time to preparing for post-secondary options: resume building, research careers or colleges, complete college applications, or make college/career visits.

  • Optional PSAT test: Some students in 10th or 11th grade may choose to take the PSAT which is a test designed to help prepare students for taking the SAT. This test will also be administered on Oct. 24.  This is the one test that will give juniors the opportunity to compete in the National Merit Scholarship Competition. Note that if a student would like to sit for this test there is a fee of $17.00. Please see your counselor for more information on this option. Students are only able to take one test on this designated CCR day (10/24). There is NO makeup for any of these tests.

  • Lunch will be provided for students following the test. We understand that students will have exerted a huge mental effort to perform well on their test. As such, students will be given the option to be excused after their test, or stay at school in a supervised study hall. Parents/guardians need to follow our regular attendance procedures if they wish to excuse their student following testing. Busses will run on a normal, end of the day schedule.