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Electronic Devices

The possession and use of Electronic Devices (E-Devices) is a privileged part of the educational experience. The school may revoke the privilege of possessing and using E-Devices at any time at its sole discretion. E-Devices include devices used to communicate, receive, send, store, record to listen to voice, text, digital, audio, video, photo, electronic, or internet/cyberspace data, images, and/or information which shall include but not be limited to pagers, cellular phones, iPods, Personal Digital Assistants, MP3 Players, portable music players, laptops, CD players, game players, cameras, video cameras, GPS, etc. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen E-Devices, its programs or its contents.

  • During all class periods (including ACE Time) Cell Phones and Personal E-devices must be turned off or on airplane mode and stowed away.
  • Students are permitted to use personal Cell Phones and Mobile Communication Devices before and after school, during their lunch periods and between classes.
  • In order to prevent usage in the hallways and restrooms, students are required to exchange their personal cell phone/electronic device for a pass to leave the classroom during the instructional period.
  • In the event of illness at school, students must utilize the health office in order to facilitate parent contact, not personal E-Devices. The school nurse is responsible for monitoring all dismissals due to illness.
  • It is never acceptable to send threatening or harassing text messages or phone calls.
  • It is never acceptable to take photos or videos of others without their permission.
  • It is never acceptable for students to use their personal Cell Phone or Mobile Communication Device to violate any Student Code of Conduct, including computer usage agreements, and/or Bullying Policies.

Students who violate this policy regarding cell phones and electronic devices are subject to appropriate disciplinary consequences.

  1. First Offense: Confiscation by instructor; phone returned to student at end of the hour. Teacher notifies parent/guardian of the violation.
  2. Second Offense: Confiscation by instructor and turned into Administration for the remainder of the day. Parent/guardian notified by Administration of the violation. The student must meet with an administrator before the phone is returned.
  3. Third Offense: Confiscation by the instructor and turned into Administration. Parent or Guardian must pick up the phone.

Note: If a student refuses to surrender electronic device to staff member, Assistant Principal is called and incident is handled as insubordination. Students are subject to additional consequences including suspension for chronic offenses.

EXCEPTION: Students who use a personal mobile device to monitor a medical condition (i.e. diabetes, epilepsy) may carry devices with them at all times.

Rationale for Personal Cell Phone/Mobile Device Policy:

At Park High School, we are committed to providing the best possible educational environment for our students and staff. This means not only providing a safe environment but also maintaining high academic expectations for each Park student and staff member. This policy allows for increased student engagement in the learning process by eliminating the distraction of personal cell phone/E-device use during instruction.

Park High School is a 1:1 iPad site, issuing iPads to each student as an educational resource. These iPads include all the apps and features necessary for students to be educationally successful at school including calculators, access to district adopted text/curriculum, and organizational tools as well as controls that prevent the access to and use of other apps and materials not deemed appropriate or educational. Additionally, all classrooms are equipped with hard-wired telephones should there be an emergency.

If a parent/guardian needs to reach a student during the school day, we also deliver messages directly to students when parents call the office. This makes the use of a personal cell phones/electronic devices during our instructional time at school unnecessary.

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