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Back-to-School Fall 2021

Back-to-School Fall 2021

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Message from the Principal

We are eagerly awaiting the start of the 2021-22 school year! Our focus for the school year at Park High School will be: “RECOVER, RESPOND, REIMAGINE; How are the students….” We recognize the challenges faced by students families and staff last year. Our priority is to support our students in reconnecting with each other and with our staff. I do not view last year as a lost year, rather a year where many amazing things happened in spite of all the challenges associated with the pandemic and emergency learning. Our Staff is committed to supporting students as they become reacquainted with a more normalized course and daily schedule. We have been planning multiple ways to support students.

Park High School Newsletter

Park High School Newsletter

Back-to-School Parent Portal Update

Attention Parents & Guardians-We need your help.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Beginning Tuesday, July 6 SoWashCo Schools will begin a campaign asking families to update their household contact information, complete online forms and more for the 2021-22 school year through their Campus Parent Portal accounts. We are asking families to complete this update by Wednesday, Aug. 18.
One parent or guardian in a primary household can log in through Campus Parent Portal to:

  • Review and update emergency contact information
  • Complete required school and district annual forms, including media opt-out, medications in school, field trip permissions and more
  • Update parent/guardian contact information for district and school communications
  • Update home, alternative or daycare addresses to ensure your child receives school bus transportation on the first day of school

A primary household is the address in which the student primarily lives.
Parents or guardians in a secondary household can log in through Campus Parent Portal to:

  • Review and update emergency contact information
  • Update parent/guardian contact information for district and school communications

A secondary household is the address in which the student lives part of the time but, it is not their primary household address.

Setting up parent/guardian accounts:

Parents/guardians will need to log in to Campus Parent Portal with their new username and password which will be emailed to them on Tuesday, July 6. Once logged in, they may change their password to something they’ll remember. Parents/guardians will use this information to log into Campus Parent Portal through the duration of their child’s enrollment in SoWashCo Schools.
Please note: The new username and password will replace any previously used usernames or passwords parents/guardians have used to access Campus Parent Portal in the past.

How to help parents/guardians:

  • Parent/guardians must open Campus Parent Portal
    • It is recommended they use a computer, laptop or tablet to complete the update instead of a smartphone
    • Every SoWashCo School and the District Service Center, Every SoWashCo School and the District Service Center, 7362 East Point Douglas Rd. S., Cottage Grove, MN 55016, will have tablets available in the main office for parents to complete the update.
  • Parents will need to log in with their new username and password.
    • Parents may change their password to something they will remember.
  • Once logged in, parents/guardians will need to click on the menu button and select “More.”
  • On the “More” page scroll to the bottom and select “Online Registration.”
    • Please note: This process will not make any enrollment changes for their child. 
  • Parents/guardians can begin updating information for each child in their household. The process will take approximately 5-20 minutes. 

View video instructions

Multilingual Family Outreach

To help better serve our multilingual families, SoWashCo Schools will hire multilingual staff to help reach out to families who have identified a preference for translation or interpretation services so they can complete the Back-to-School Update process.
Staff will reach out to multilingual families between July 13 and Aug. 12. If you have families that need translation assistance or access to a device to complete this process, please contact the Department of Student Information at 651-425-6328.
If parents or guardians have questions or need assistance with the Back-to-School Family Update process, please have them email or call 651-425-6328. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this.  Your updates will allow us to serve you and your child more efficiently.

What to Expect at the Start of the School Year

As educators, we understand that while many of our students are eager to return to school, there are also many who have anxiety and apprehension about returning to in-person learning.  We will work with students to rebuild their skills around appropriate socialization, working in groups, working individually, working with staff, and self-advocacy skills to support them in their transition back to full time face-to-face learning at Park High School.  

We need to be partners; staff, students and parents/guardians.  Communication with one another has always been essential in supporting the needs of students, but it is especially true now.  Parents-please update your portal information.  Directions are featured later in this newsletter.

The focus during the first few days of school is building connections with our students and our students with each other.  Students will become re-familiarized with our ICC values-Integrity, Commitment, Compassion.  We will provide students with a framework that will support them academically, emotionally, and socially.  We will do this through a variety of activities they will experience with their classroom teachers.
Other key topics that students will be supported with as they start their year at Park:

  • Distribution and training with their Chrome books. (iPads have been replaced with Chrome books)
  • How to open and use lockers.
  • How to utilize the cafeteria for breakfast and/or lunch.
  • How to access the building in the morning and where to find their bus in the afternoon.
  • Teachers will review their Schoology Sites with them along with communication strategies.

These are just a few items among many others that we are prepared to support students with as they adjust to a full-time in-person learning experience.  We are prepared to meet your student where they are at and to help them feel secure and confident at Park.  Students who participate in activities, clubs or sports tend to feel more confident in themselves.  We hope all students take advantage of the many opportunities to become involved.

9th Grade Orientation Information 

Students in grade 9 will receive information about the 9th grade orientation programming from our LINK CREW in early August.  All 9th grade students are assigned to a LINK CREW group, led by two PHS 11th & 12th grade students.  The purpose of this style of orientation is to provide our incoming 9th grade students with support as they transition to Park High School.  Students, through many fun and engaging activities, will “kick-off” their high school experience.  Students will make connections with one another, with their LINK CREW leaders, and learn about what it means to be a Park High School student, including our ICC values-Integrity, Commitment, Compassion.  9th grade orientation is on the first day of school for 9th grade students, August 31.  More information about the schedule for the day, activities, and other relevant information will be communicated to families by mid-August.

10th-12th Grade Orientation Information 

We invite our new Park High School students and students who were in our Virtual Learning Academy during the 2020-21 school year to attend an optional student welcome and orientation on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 from 1:00-2:30 pm.  Students may arrive as early as 12:30 pm. 

Park High School students entering grades 10-12 who are new to the school district or students who are transferring to Park from another district high school are encouraged to attend. Also, students who were in the VLA last year, and did not have the opportunity to ever be on campus and would like the opportunity to participate in orientation are welcome to attend.

Our “Welcome to Park High School” event is an opportunity for new students to meet administrators, students and staff.  The program will include a presentation about Park High School, introducing our premier  AVID and International Baccalaureate programs.  We will also provide an overview of student life at Park-academics, activities, arts, resources, schedules. A student panel will share student insights and perspectives.  A tour of our campus will also be provided.  

All of our new students in grades 10-12 will make a connection with our ICC Ambassadors, whose purpose is to help all our new students feel welcomed, connected, and included in the student life at Park High School.  We look forward to meeting you!!

Parking Permit Information

Parking permits will go on sale beginning Monday, August 16th.  Here is what you need to know if you wish to park your vehicle at Park High School.

  • Permits go on sale beginning Monday, August 16.
  • Paid permits may be picked up from the office from August 23-27.
  • Cost:  $140-yearly permit.
    • If parking permits are available in the second trimester they will be $100 for the remaining school year
    • If parking permits are available in the third trimester, they will be $50 for the remaining school year
    • Students who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch: $70-yearly permit, $25-trimester permit
  • Pay Fees page

Students are required to have a parking permit to park their vehicle on campus beginning the first day of school; September 1. Students are expected to comply with all parking and driving regulations while their vehicle is on campus.  Not doing so will result in meeting with an administrator or designee and consequences may be imposed.  Unsafe/dangerous driving while on campus may result in loss of parking privileges for up to the remainder of the school year.

Student Schedules

August 16:  Student Schedules will be available for view in Student & Parent Portal.

  1. Students should review to see that they have a course scheduled in each class period.
  2. Students should review to see that they have all their graduation required courses on their schedule.

*If you have any issues as outlined in items 1 or 2 you need to notify your counselor.
August 16-26:  Course change requests can be made online during these dates.  All classes are full or nearly full. Be advised of the following prior to making a schedule change request.

  1. Priority is given to those students who need schedule changes to ensure that graduation requirements are met.
  2. Priority is given to a student wishing to change levels, i.e. on level course to an  IB/AP course or vice versa.
  3. Requests to change an elective will not be granted.

Schedule Change Request Form


Senior Study - Deadline Sept. 2

  • This is an earned senior privilege and may be revoked by administration or parental request at any time
  • You must apply by the deadline. No applications will be accepted after that date.
  • Students and parents must both sign form; regardless of student age.
  • Interested students must be in grade 12 and must be satisfactorily progressing towards graduation.
  • All credits and state mandated tests for graduation need to be up-to-date.
  • A 12th grade student may only have one period per trimester. Credit will not be awarded for senior study.
  • Senior students are responsible for communicating any changes to their schedule with post-secondary institutions.
  • Students participating in senior study must be off campus.

We will not move core classes to accommodate senior study.

Senior Study Form


Student Aide - Deadline Sept. 2

  • There are a limited number of student aide positions available each trimester.
  • Student and parent must both sign this form, even if student is 18.
  • Daily attendance is mandatory. Your supervising staff member will take attendance.
  • Interested students must be in grade 11 or 12 and must be satisfactorily progressing towards graduation.
  • Interested students must have a “clean” current attendance AND discipline record.
  • All credits and state mandated tests for graduation need to be up-to-date.
  • A student may be a student aide only one period per trimester. No credit is awarded for being a student aide.

Student Aide Form

School Portraits, Sept. 13 & 15

Student portraits will be taken on September 13 & 15 during the school day.  Ordering information and a schedule assigning students to a portrait day will be sent to families prior to the portrait dates. 

Bus Routes

All routing information will be available in Parent Portal at the end of August. Families will receive notice from the SoWashCo Department of Transportation when it is available.

Bus Transportation - Decline 
To help South Washington County Schools’ Transportation Department create efficient school bus routes, students/families that will NOT need or use school bus transportation For this school year (2021-2022) are asked to complete a form.  
 If a student(s) will NOT be using school bus transportation this coming school 2021-2022 year (morning, afternoon or both), we are asking you to complete the form in the link below. 

Students and families eligible for transportation who decline bus service may re-establish bus service any time during the school year by contacting the Transportation Office at (651) 425-5303. A change in bus service may take 5-7 days to implement.
 Again, this form is for students that are confident no district transportation is needed to and from school for school year 21-22.   Students not using the bus for short durations (athletic seasons, vacation etc) do NOT need to complete the form.  

 Request to Decline Transportation Form

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 651-425-5303.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

Morning Arrival to School
*First period begins at 8:30 am. Students who walk, drive their car or are dropped off should arrive and enter the building by 8:20 am, to allow them time to arrive at class on time.  The student will enter via the main entrance.

End of Day Student Pick up
End of day student pick up happens in front of the building.  When arriving, be advised that the lane along the side walk is reserved for bus parking.  The next lane is for school busses arriving.  The next lane is for cars waiting to pick up students. The last lane is the drive through lane.  When you arrive for pick up-pull all the way forward towards the hockey arena to make space for others behind you.  This time of day is congested.  Please be patient. Follow the directions from staff who will be out there helping to guide you.  If you don’t like crowds-arrange with your student to pick them up later.  Most traffic congestion clears by 3:25 pm

Device Protection Plan Information

SoWashCo Schools is offering families the option of purchasing a device protection plan to protect district-issued devices from accidental damage from fire, flood, natural disasters, or power surges; and theft (with a filed police report). 
The cost for the optional plan is $20 annually per device. Families who qualify for federal educational benefits, such as free and reduced-price meals, will also be eligible for reduced pricing ($10 annually per device) or free coverage. Families can sign up and pay for the device protection plan through the SmartSchoolK12 website.

PHS Top 10 Tips for Families in Supporting Successful High Schoolers

  1. Discuss school with your student daily. What did they learn? What challenges did they overcome? What interests them?
  2. Review grades and work completion frequently. You may do this via your Parent/Guardian Schoology account or by asking your student to show you on their Chromebook.
  3. Recognize and encourage your student for their hard work! Although they may not show it, students never stop appreciating encouragement and props from their families.
  4. Emphasize the importance of school and how working hard will lead to future opportunities. 
  5. Enforce limits on screen time.  Kids need time to “power down”.  Do not allow devices to go to bed with your student.
  6. Support healthy sleep habits by encouraging your student to get enough sleep (8-10 hours/night) and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule.
  7. When in doubt, reach out! We stand ready to partner and serve. Don’t hesitate in contacting teachers, support staff or administration if you have questions or concerns. If we do not have the answer or resource, we can help you find it.
  8. Come to conferences! Students do better when families and schools partner.
  9. If you notice a change in behavior (sleep, socialization, mood, work completion, eating, etc…) reach out to your student’s counselor. We can team to determine what supports, if any, might be helpful.
  10. Encourage your child to get involved in co-curricular activities.  We have many great opportunities in fine arts, clubs, organizations and athletics.

Key Dates:

  • 8/16: Student class schedules available in Portal.
  • 8/25: Meet the Case Manager-Students receiving Special Education Services and their families. 4-6 p.m.
  • 8/25:  Open House -For all Park High Families. 6-8 p.m.
  • 8/31:  9th grade First day of school 
  • 9/1: First day of school grades 10-12
  • 9/3:  No school
  • 9/6: No school-Labor Day