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Abby Fjelsta - Park Athlete of the Week (PAW)

Park Athlete-of-the-Week (PAW)

Oct. 2021

Park Athlete-of-the-Week: Abby Fjelsta


Grade: 12

Sport: Tennis

Coach: Coach Tony Townsend

This is what Coach Tony Townsend has to say about Abby Fjelsta: Abby has had a fantastic senior year by going 8-1 at #1 doubles in Conference play. Abby is one of our three captains and is such a positive and energetic leader. She has become a role model for the younger players as they look up to her in so many ways. Abby’s leadership, strong work ethic, and enthusiasm have allowed her to excel as a player and captain of our girls tennis team.  

Interview with Abby

What do you like about your sport? 

It’s a life-long sport that you can play with anyone.

What do you like best about Park? 

I enjoy all the friends I have made over the years and all the teachers are super supportive.

What motivates you to do your best? 

The value that my coaches see in me and the encouragement that they give me motivates me every day.

Who is your role model? Why? 

My teammates are my number one role models. They encourage me every day to work harder and to be my best.

What advice would you give to athletes, especially those in elementary and junior high school? 

Find people that will encourage you both on and off the court.

What are your hobbies? 

Tennis, tennis, and more tennis.

What do you plan to do after high school? 

Go to college and get a degree in a STEM field.

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