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Park High School Graduation 2021
The Park High Graduation Ceremony was held on June 6, at 2:00pm in the Park High stadium.
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Yearbook Pick-up Availabilty
For students that still need to be pick up their yearbook. The following dates and times are available to come to Park High School this week for pick-up.
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Weekly Announcements
Please see the link for the Park High School weekly announcements.
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Student Meal Pick-up
Students/parents may pick up meals for children. Please see the calendar link for sites, dates and times.
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Important Health Message for Park High School Families
Please know that any sick student who is sent to school, or is determined to be sick during the school day, will immediately be sent home.
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Summer Reading 2021
This year, we want to respect the work that students have done during this stressful pandemic and want to honor time for students to step away from formal learning requirements for the summer. There will be no requirements for summer reading requirements for 2021 at any of our high schools, and we will not be requiring textbook reading prior to the 2021-2022 school year. That said, we still strongly encourage students to engage with choice reading. Research supports that this will inevitably support their academic growth and success...
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