Senior End of the Year Message for Technology

Hi Seniors,

Tomorrow 5/30 is Senior iPad turn in 9am to 3pm here at Park. You will come into Park by the multipurpose room to get your carbon copy form & label for the form. After you get your form, you will write your name on the form and visit the staff inside the multipurpose room to get everything checked and turned in.

I wanted to contact you for a few things to keep in mind and consider. This is a long email, but it'll make things easier and more clear for you on what to expect tomorrow.

1. Clean your iPad, case, power brick, and lightning cable ahead of time. Please. I will try to have some cleaning supplies as a station for you, but if you clean ahead of time, you will get done faster with turn in. Try wiping the surface down of everything please. Also, remove any papers/stickers/etc within your case.

2. Google Apps email will be shut down this summer. Please consider updating any contact information that you have on file with places such as colleges. If you have given a college your email, make sure to change it to a personal email address that you have. Your email will be shut down this summer and you will no longer have access after that.

3. Backup your data (only if you want to keep any of the data). IF.... you have any data you want to keep (pictures, notability files, etc.) Backup to another location that isn't @apps. Your iPads will be wiped over summer and I will not pull data for you after you turn them in. You can utilize various ways to backup your data. You can email yourself your photos (should you need them) or upload them to another Google Drive account (that isn't your @apps account.) Here is one method for backing up your data:
1. Put everything in your @apps Google Drive into one folder.
2. SHARE the folder to your personal Google account.
3. Log in to your personal Google Drive.
4. COPY the folder from your @apps account into your personal Google Drive. You have to copy the folder, not just add the shared one to your personal Drive, because the shared folder will disappear when they sunset your @apps account this summer.

4. Power brick & lightning cable - I need the larger style power brick that you were originally provided. Apple makes two styles (one is a smaller brick), I need the larger style power adapter. If you don't have either one, a cheaper option may be to purchase on at a retailer in the area. It needs to be a genuine Apple brick and lightning cable. If your lightning cable isn't working or in bad condition, if you can get a new one that'd be ideal.
small brick no big brick yes

5. Passcode - make sure you know your passcode please. It'll just make things easier.

6. Loaners - if you have a loaner iPad, you are good to turn in the loaner as your original one may still be out for repair. If you didn't get your original back yet and did need any data off of it, let me know...this is a case by case basis - ONLY for loaners.

7. Broken iPads/hardware problems - Please tell us up front if something isn't working. We will test the audio on your iPad. We just want to know if something is broken so we can get it fixed. If you do have a broken screen and hadn't reported it yet, if you have INSURANCE then you are covered. Intentional damage is not covered by insurance, the staff can tell if it was intentional or not very easily.

8. Latest iOS - Please make sure you have updated the latest iOS.

9. Battery life - Make sure your iPad is charged to 50%.

Thanks for your time to read this long email. I wrote this up to help ensure you have a great experience turning in your iPad (if you graduated you will get your cap & gown after any fines are paid for, congrats!!!!!! Best wishes to all of you!)

Email if you have any questions,
Sean Johnson
PHS Technology