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Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year: Message from Principal Todd Herber (click link)

Our Park High School staff  wish to welcome new and returning students to a brand new school year. We hope you are enjoying your summer months. In preparation for the start of the school year, we've posted information that will need your attention in the upcoming weeks. This information remains posted on this webpage throughout the school year. 9th graders will start school on Tuesday, September 3 and 10th-12th graders will start school on Wednesday, Sept. 4. Remember that school starts at 8:30 am this year.

2019-20 Back to School Topics

  • Application for Educational and Free/Reduced Price Meal Benefits
  • Schoology
  • Parking Permits
  • Schedule Pictures
  • Open House
  • Class Schedules
  • 9th Grade Orientation
  • iPad Distribution
  • Census Verification Forms
  • Senior Transcripts
  • PHS Supply List
  • Seniors-Graduation
  • Information for All Grades
  • Bus Passes

Application: Educational/Free & Reduced Price Meal Benefits

New this year, we are asking ALL families to complete the online application for Educational and Free/Reduced Price Meal Benefits. This application not only determines eligibility for meal benefits but also provides funding for academic programming for our Park High students. If you do not qualify for free or reduced meal benefits and you do not wish to provide your income, you are strongly encouraged to still complete an application utilizing the “over income” check box. Thank you for completing this application on behalf of our students.


This fall Park High School begins its third year using a learning management system (LMS) called
Schoology. Schoology allows for students, parents and teachers to engage with both learning materials and their school, from the classroom and beyond.

With Schoology, students can submit homework assignments, take tests, review grades, participate in discussions, receive announcements and more. As a parent, you will be able to view all your child's work and grades within the platform, as well as send private messages to your student's teacher.

Schoology is your interactive window to the classroom. While the Parent Portal is important to maintain your student's contact information, retrieve bus routes, lunch balance, copies of transcripts, report cards and other important information, Schoology is the place to access your student's academic progress, including assignments and test grades. This platform allows teachers to enhance each student's academic engagement and provides you, as parents, even more feedback about their progress.

To learn more about Schoology, and how it is currently used in our district, please watch this brief video.

Parking Permits

Students who intend to park on campus must purchase a PHS parking permit for  the 2019-2020 school year. Please read carefully through the Park High School Parking Rules & PHS Parking Permit Form, which are posted on the Parking at PHS

We have a limited number of student parking spaces available: Permits will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The permit is valid for the entire 2019-20 school year. Students can find information on purchasing their parking permit online using SmartSchoolK12. Students and their parents must sign the parking agreement electronically and present their driver’s license in order to receive their parking permit on:

  • Monday, August 19 noon - 3:00 pm in the Main Office
  • Tuesday, August 20, 9:00 am - noon in the Main Office
  • Open House Wednesday, August 28, 4-8 pm in the Main Office

Parking information remains posted on our website throughout the school year for any student who wishes to purchase a permit once school has begun if we have space remaining.
Please continue to watch this site for the exact date that SmartSchoolK12 will open for permit purchases (mid-August)

School Pictures
        Picture Day: September 12

  • Please bring your money and an order form to Park High School if you wish to purchase pictures. Download the Picture Flyer or visit the Lifetouch website for more school picture information or clothing suggestions, online payment details and more. Order forms will be available at school on picture days also.
  • All students in grades 9-12 must have their picture taken in order for their 2019 - 2020 PHS student ID to be generated.

Picture Retake Day

  • Picture Retake Day is Friday, October 11th during the school day. Retake day gives students a chance to take a new photo for the yearbook or to purchase.
  • Students are called down to take pictures by their last name.
  • View the Lifetouch order form or visit the Lifetouch website for more school picture information or clothing suggestions, online payment details and more. Order forms will also be available at school on picture days.

Open House

Our Open House will be held on August 28th from 6-8 p.m.  All students and parents are invited to attend and meet their teachers, tour the building, etc. Families with students receiving special education services will have an opportunity to meet their case manager from 4-6 p.m. PHS staff will be on hand to answer any questions that you might have at this time.

District Technology Staff will be present during Open House to assist Parents/Guardians who need assistance setting up their Schoology and or Parent Portal Account.

Class Schedules

Beginning August 16, parents and students may access their Park High School Student's 2019-2020 class schedule by logging on to the Parent Portal. Each student’s locker number and combination, lunch PIN and other information can be found in the Parent Portal. Students are encouraged to take a picture of their schedule with their phone for easy access.

Please be aware that we continue to work on the school's Master Schedule throughout the summer, and while your class selections won't change, the class period and teacher could change as we balance class sizes. Once you are able to view your schedule, please look for the following details:

  • Check for a complete schedule; 18 courses, 6 each trimester.
  • Check that you have the required courses for your grade level in English and Social Studies.
  • Check that you are not repeating a course you have already taken and passed.
  • Note that a 3 trimester class (i.e. English, Social Studies, Science, Math) may or may not change class periods from trimester to trimester. We attempt to keep students with the same teacher for our core content areas, but it is not always possible due to schedule constraints and/or student elective course selections.

If you would like to request a change to your schedule, please visit the PHS Counseling webpage to complete the online request form. The link to the Counseling schedule change page is Counseling & Career Center 

Essential schedule change requests that will be considered:

  1. "Empty" or "Missing" on your schedule
  2. Already had the class
  3. Did not take or did not pass the prerequisite
  4. Inappropriate academic level

The last day to make a schedule change request is Friday, September 6. Please plan accordingly.

Requests for same core classroom teachers will be reviewed on an individual basis.

***Seniors: Do not make an online request if you are requesting senior study, independent study or student aide, please print and fill out forms under "Special Schedule Options"!
9th Grade Orientation

Orientation for all 9th grade students is on Tuesday, September 3 from 8:30 AM to 3:06 PM at Park High School, which will be the official first day of school day for incoming 9th grade students. All students in grades 10-12 will begin school on Wednesday, September 4.

Orientation will begin at 8:30 AM in the Main Gym. We'll work together in large and small group activities where students will meet their Link Crew Leaders and other 9th graders. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about school culture and procedures. Students are to wear comfortable clothes and be ready to have some fun! Lunch will be available for all students in the cafeteria. Students will be able to access their lunch account using their number from middle school or should bring money to pay for a regular school lunch or a lunch from home. Students will receive their schedules and, after lunch, will run through a mock schedule which will allow them to find their classes, meet their teachers, determine their lunch period (A, B, or C lunch), locate their locker, and try their combination. Staff will be on hand to assist with all activities and to help locate classrooms in the afternoon.
iPad Distribution

We are excited to share that all of our students will continue to have the opportunity to extend their learning through the use of iPad mobile devices.  This opportunity includes all 9-12 Park High School students.  iPads will be issued to our students during the first week of school once they have submitted their Student & Parent iPad Loan Agreement online, confirmation of the device insurance (which is optional but highly encouraged), and payment of $30 through SmartSchoolsK12. Payment and the loan agreement can be found on beginning on August 16th. If online payment is not possible, please bring cash or a check made out to ISD 833 for $30 if you choose to purchase insurance for the iPad. Families who qualify for federal educational benefits, such as free and reduced cost meals, will also be eligible for reduced pricing ($15 annually per device or free) on the plan. Learn more about Device Protection here.

Student iPads will distributed the first week of school to those who have completed their forms on the SmartSchoolK12 site

Census Verification Forms

We have determined that the best way to ensure accurate information in a timely way is to have parents complete the changes to their family (and children) accounts through the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus.

When signed in to the
Parent Portal, the subject areas below can be found and clicked on to first verify the information, and second, to make any needed changes to the emergency/census information for your family.

  • Demographics: Updates can be made for student and non-household contacts. Non-household contacts include emergency contacts, doctor, dentist and hospital information.
  • Household Information: Updates can be made for home phone numbers and address change can be requested here. In order for the district to make a change to an address proof of the move is needed.
  • Family Members: Updates can be made for any member of the immediate household here. Examples would be parent cell phone numbers or email address.

Families without access to a computer can call the district’s Student Information Department at 651-425-6236 to be put in contact with our census contact, Tanya Whichello.  Families without a parent portal account must request one. Email and enter the student's name, the school the student(s) attend, the student(s) home address and your (the parent/guardian) name.


Park High School Seniors will send official transcripts through Naviance. Students can pay a one-time fee of $15.00 for unlimited transcripts through Naviance.  Families can log onto their SmartSchoolK12 account to pay for their transcripts. You will find it on  SmartSchoolK12 under “Fees and Passes”. Students on Free or Reduced lunch may send their transcripts electronically at no cost.  However, they need to bring a copy of the letter from Nutrition Services documenting the free and reduced status to the Counseling Office in order to receive this service.   You can stop in the Counseling Office to pick up instructions on requesting your transcript via Naviance. In addition, counselors will be meeting with seniors in the fall regarding the college application process.


 Your username is:  your student I.D. number (the number on your picture I.D.)

 Your password is:  your computer log in number for the 2019-2020 school year

  1. Log in to your Naviance account.
  2. Click on “About Me”.  Click on “Profile”.  Ensure your e-mail address is updated.
  3. Click on “Colleges”.  Click on “College Look Up”.  Find the college and click on “add to list”.
  4. Click on “Colleges”.  Click on “Colleges I’m thinking about”.  Ensure the schools you are sending transcripts to are saved here.  You must do this in order for the school to receive the transcript.
  5. Click on “Colleges”.  Click on “Transcripts”.  Click on “Request transcript for my college application”.  Click on “look up”.  Click on the college name.  Click on “Request Transcripts” at the bottom of the page.
  6. If you are using the Common Application to apply to any colleges, please check in with your counselor for additional instruction.

 PHS Supply List

Park High School does not maintain a list of supplies for students. Since each student has their own unique schedule when they get to the high school it is difficult to create one master supply list that would work for everyone. We ask that each student have a notebook, pen and paper on the first day of school. Teachers will inform students and parents of their class supply list at our Open House on August 28, 6:00-8:00 pm. Some teachers may also have supply lists on their websites; teacher websites are on their academic department page.

Information Links for All Grades

 Bus Passes

All bus pass requests must be made in advance (special consideration may be made for emergency situations).

Students must also be issued a bus pass if they need to get on/off at a different stop on their already assigned route. Again, this should be for emergency situations only.

Correspondence from parents/guardians (i.e. hand written notes, text message shown to drivers, etc.) will NOT be accepted by drivers as a valid bus pass.

Bus passes can only be obtained by calling the Transportation Department. If the bus pass is approved, the Transportation Department will issue the pass to the school. The student will pick up the bus pass from the school office and present it to the bus driver.

District 833 Transportation Department: #651-425-5303

Bus passes should be used for emergency situations only (bus passes are not to be used for social reasons i.e. play dates, birthday parties, school projects, etc.).

All bus passes are temporary one-day passes.