ACE Time Basics

ACE time (Academics. Connections. Engagement) provides an embedded amount of Academic time for teachers and students to Connect and Engage on a daily basis. Refer to the ACE schedule for specifics on times and days.

ACE Time Basics:

Plan to use this time for ACADEMICS
Bring needed materials with you.
Expect and plan to work on academics for the class period where you are spending ACE time
(IE. ACE time in Math? Plan to prioritize Math during ACE time.)

How do I decide what to do during ACE time?
Teacher Directed-If you are missing anything in that class, the teacher will let you know what you are to work on during ACE.

If the teacher hasn't directed you to work on something specific, plan to work on…

  • Missing Assignments
  • Homework
  • Conference time with teacher
  • Studying
  • Reading

Passes to other teachers:
Any passes to see other teachers will need to be obtained prior to ACE time that day. Passes will be written by the teacher and handed to student prior to class. Your ACE teacher may not allow you to leave if it is deemed you need to remain in class for academic support.