The 2020 Edition Park High School Yearbook

The 2020 yearbook is complete, and is still available for online sales. Each year, we do order a number of extra books to sell during the school day. Due to current distance learning guidelines, we are asking that orders are placed online rather than purchasing after delivery of our book. If you are unable to place the online order, please contact Mrs. Johnson at:

Yearbooks will be delivered to homes beginning June 26. 2020. Please allow time for delivery as it will take several days to reach all families. 

Class of 2021


This year, senior photos will be submitted directly to Jostens using the link provided. The photos MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Vertical head and shoulder photos only (no profile photos)
  • No full body photos
  • Please keep the photo background simple
  • Photo must use portrait alignment-not horizontal
  • Color photos only with no black and white or color alterations
  • Any props used MUST be approved by the yearbook advisor before you submit
  • We do NOT encourage taking prints from your photographer and then scanning them. The quality is usually poor. Ask your photographer to submit the electronic image directly.
  • Photo size requirements for yearbook submission
  • Minimum requirement 3 inches by 2.25 inches aspect ratio (300 dpi min)
  • Larger photos may be used, but the yearbook staff has the right to crop larger photos

These specification are in place to maintain uniformity throughout the section but allow each student to choose their own photographer. For any senior who does not submit a photo, the school picture on file will be used. If there is no picture on file, then no picture will be included in the yearbook. Questions can be directed to Amy Johnson, Yearbook Advisor.

Senior Ads

  • Parents can choose to purchase a full color senior ad for publication in the 2020-21 PHS yearbook. It is a unique way to tell your son/daughter that you are proud of his/her accomplishments.
  • Ads are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Ad requests will be submitted to Jostens directly. Parents can use the link provided to submit both a one picture and up to a 40 word message.
  • The cost of the senior ad is $45 for a 1/8th page ad. Payment will also be made directly to Jostens. If you have questions, please contact the yearbook advisor, Amy Johnson.
  • Cost of yearbook 20-21 TBD
If you have any questions, please contact the advisor Amy Johnson.

2019-20 YEARBOOK Orders

Remember Forever: Buy a Yearbook

Yearbooks are purchased from Jostens. The early bird pricing is now available for November 8, 2019.

Submit Photos to the Yearbook

ReplayIt Private Photo Submission:L Submit photos

Upload your photos directly to the yearbook staff. Your photos will not automatically be shared on your school's ReplayIt site. 

  • If prompted by Jostens to add an ID number use413283681