Junior Book Awards

Twelve Park High School juniors receive Junior Book Awards
Posted on 04/25/2019
Group photo of 2019 Junior Book Award winners Twelve high-achieving juniors from Park High School received Junior Book Awards from 11 prestigious colleges and universities during a ceremony on Thursday, April 25. The students were chosen based on their academic accomplishments, dedication to learning, leadership, school involvement and community service.

At the ceremony, each award recipient received a book that is connected to the college or university they were recognized by in some way, often written by a professor or alumnus. In addition, some of the awards come with scholarships if the student is accepted and chooses to attend that school.

Park High School students who received the Junior Book Awards this year are: Adison Steinke (Columbia University), Marshall Janicek (Dartmouth College), Chloe Cruz (Harvard University), Louis Janicek (Johns Hopkins University), Ella Bosholm (St. Lawrence University), Jacob Kuemmel (St. Michael’s College), Mariam Zewdu (St. Michael’s College), Hannah Hess (University of Minnesota), Anna Cell (University of Notre Dame), Adeline Walton (University of Tennessee), Rachel Mills (Wellesley College) and Hunter Lo (Yale University).

Also in attendance were eight alumni from their respective colleges or universities who presented the awards to the students: Barry Kelner (Columbia University), Hema Nealon (Harvard University), Debbie Brown (Johns Hopkins University), Frank Bezdicek (University of Minnesota), Kelly Bloss (University of Notre Dame), Jonathan Hunt (University of Tennessee), Simi Patnaik (Wellesley College) and Rick Luis (Yale University).

“The goal of this program is to expose our students to elite institutions while celebrating their successes so far, helping them realize that they are competitive candidates for admission,” said Kelly Bloss, Park High School School Counselor and Junior Book Awards Chair. “It’s also a great opportunity for students and their families to network with local alumni and begin exploring post-secondary options.”

Two students who earned book awards in 2018 were also recognized at the event. AJ Graff received the award from St. Lawrence University and has been accepted to attend in the fall. Yordanos Degefe received the award from Johns Hopkins University and has been accepted to attend in the fall. 

This was the Fourth Annual Junior Book Awards ceremony to be held at Park High School.